VocalsClick or tap the song titles below to hear samples of vocal work in various genres:

Lead vocals
background vocals also included

  1. Alternative - My Immortal     
  2. Pop (ballad) - In The Shadow     
  3. Rock - It's Not Me, It's You     
  4. Contemporary country - Wake Me Up     
  5. Pop (tempo) - Just A Core     
  6. Dance - Send Me An Angel     
  7. Metal (duet with actor Christopher Lee) - Dawning Of A New Age     
  8. Jingle - Go Nutrients     

Background vocals
harmonies or stacked BGVs, depending on project

  1. Rock (male lead) - She Can't Love Me Anymore     
  2. Contemporary country (female lead) - I Like 'Em Like That     
  3. Folk/Americana (male lead) - Somewhere Else     
  4. Traditional country (male lead in French) - Merci Cherie     
  5. R&B (female lead) - Love Again     
  6. Country/rock (female lead) - Get Outta My Way     

Languages Lydia sings in: English, Russian, French (with a slight European accent)


Vocal textures
for primarily instrumental projects

  1. Ambient - This Way Comes     
  2. Groovy - Rectify Me     

Book service

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[Equipment used on the majority of samples: Apogee Duet audio interface / mic pre, Baby Bottle mic by BLUE]