studioThis is the most exciting page, isn’t it? Et cetera! Sky is the limit.

Below are samples of other productions offered at this time:

Piano & vocal recording
additional MIDI instruments – pad, strings, EP, bass, percussion – can be added

  1.       Piano/vocal (ballad) - In The Shadow
  2.       Piano/vocal (tempo) - My Thoughts Of You
  3.       Piano/vocal (recorded from client's sheet music) - God's Holy Son
  4.       Piano/vocal with EP/bass/percussion - As Christmas Rolls Around Again

Scoring work
composing for select clients/libraries 

  1.       Tribal Suspense
  2.       Bass Groove
  3.       Who's There???
  4.       Time is Running Out
  5.       Evil Carousel
  6.       I'll Never Tell

Book service

Need any other vocal- or keyboard-related service, not listed anywhere on this site? Give me a shout, maybe I can do it. If not, I probably know someone who can!

[Equipment & software used: Yamaha S90-ES as controller, Ivory by Synthogy, LA Scoring Strings by Audiobro, various Logic Pro X instruments and ACID loop libraries]