KeysClick or tap the song titles below to hear samples of keyboard work in various genres:

acoustic piano, electric piano, B3

  1.       Acoustic piano (ballad) - Just Imagine
  2.       Acoustic piano (tempo) - Make A Move
  3.       Acoustic piano (instrumental) - From Ankara To Izmir
  4.       Upright piano + Wurlitzer - Youth
  5.       Electric piano + acoustic piano - As Christmas Rolls Around Again
  6.       B3 organ + acoustic piano - A Lot Of Love

String arrangements
single string section sound or independent violin/viola/cello parts

  1.       Rock 1 - Bring Me
  2.       Pop - Still You Need Me
  3.       Rock 2 - Words
  4.       Cinematic (instrumental) - Talk To Me

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[Equipment & software used for recording keyboards and strings: Yamaha S90-ES as controller, Ivory by Synthogy, LA Scoring Strings by Audiobro, various Logic Pro X instruments]