As you can see, there are many different services offered and it would be a challenge to quote a fixed price for each, since it varies by project and depends on: how many instruments are required, amount of parts/tracks requested, number of songs on the session… So please feel free to get in touch for a custom quote, as each project is unique!

But for reference, below is some fixed pricing on the most popular “package” services, for songs up to 5 minutes in length:

  • Vocals – $230/song. Includes lead vocal and 2-3 harmonies (if applicable).
  • Background vocals – $140/song for up to 1-2 BGV tracks, or $230/song for 3-6 tracks.
  • Piano/vocal combo – $345/song. Includes piano, lead vocal and a harmony (if applicable).

Rates above include commercial use (work-for-hire release available upon request).

If none of those scenarios quite fits your needs:

Get a custom quote